Anonymous Posts

What are anonymous posts?

The ability to make anonymous posts is only available to users who have a verified account. Don't worry, anyone can be verified on Jeti! Click here for more information.

Anonymous posts are just like any other post on Jeti, with the caveat that other users cannot see who made the post. They can be interacted with just like any other post. Upvotes and Downvotes will affect whoever made the post.

We understand that there are certain things that, while not illegal or in violation of the community guidelines, people might not want to have associated directly with them. Anonymous posting gives users the ability to say what they want without fear of social or governmental reprecussions. This does not mean that anonymous posts aren't bound by our TOS and Community Guidelines.

How do I make an anonymous post?

To make a post anonymous:

  1. Type out the post normally, and add any desired extra content.

Can I report an anonymous post?


While users are not able to see who is behind an anonymous post, we are. Any reports submitted about an anonymous post are treated the same as normal posts by that account. If action is taken against an anonymous post, it will directly affect the account responsible for it.

If an anonymous post contains illegal content, the contents of the post and account details will be forwarded to the proper authorities.

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