Adding Content to Your Post

Photos and Videos

To take a photo or video with your phones camera and add it to the post, tap the
icon above the keyboard, then snap a picture or record a video and it will be added to your post!
To insert a photo or video from your phones camera roll, tap the
icon above the keyboard. You camera roll will open, with the option to browse your different albums if desired. Select a photo, tap Choose, and your chose content will be included in the post.


Jeti features Giphy integration. To post a gif, tap the blue GIF symbol above your keyboard and select the gif you want to be included in your post.


To add a poll to your post, tap the
icon. The polls menu will appear, allowing you to customize the poll. Enter your choices, adding up to 2 more for a total of 4 if desired. Choose who you want to be able to vote on the poll, either everyone or just people nearby, and finally, choose when the poll closes.