Offensive and Harmful Content

Discrimination & Hate Speech

Jeti does not tolerate discrimination or hate speech toward any people or group of people based on the United States’ Federal protected characteristics; race or skin color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, and genetic information. We provide additional protections for gender or gender identity and in some cases immigration or citizenship status. Hate speech at Jeti is defined as violent, discriminatory, or dehumanizing speech, as well as calls for segregation and exclusion, and toxic stereotyping. Jeti will remove any content that makes a factual claim not supported by a valid source about a person or group based on protected characteristics.

📚Tip: For more information on Protected characteristics, please see the U.S. Department of Labor’s page on Protected Characteristics.

Bullying & Harassment

Jeti does not permit any content that includes harassment, defamation, bullying, or hate speech against other people regardless if they use the platform. We recognize the difference between public and private individuals in the interest of allowing discussion about public individuals.

Public & Private Individuals

For public figures, any post harassing or targeting them on a personal level, as well as certain posts where the public figure has been tagged in the post or comments will be removed. Our protection for private individuals is higher, forbidding posts containing defamatory or degrading content, as well as content meant to shame an individual.

Sexual Harassment

Jeti prohibits any type of sexual harassment on it’s platform, and acknowledges the many forms that sexual harassment can take. This includes, but is not limited to, posts or comments that are:

  • Looking for sex

  • Constantly asking to hookup

  • Demanding contact information

  • Unnecessarily sexual replies

  • Visual content showing bulk or other forms of revealing genitals through clothing or other means of disguise

We ask users to take this as seriously as we do in an effort to make the platform more inclusive for people of any sexual orientation or gender.

Graphic Content

Jeti prohibits content that contains graphic content with the goal of glorifying it. Things like gore, corpses, certain crime scenes, and the aftermath of terrorist activities are generally forbidden, with the exception or content made to raise awareness about certain issues. We acknowledge that users may want to discuss and raise awareness of important trending topics such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, or crime in a meaningful way. We ask that users who wish to post graphic content in such a way be aware of the sensitivities of other users and include a warning label to warn people of the graphic content.

Sexual Content

Jeti prohibits any content containing a pornographic display of genitals and any content containing sexual activities or similar intended for the sexual arousal of its audience. Also prohibited is content showing human sperm, urine, feces, or other bodily fluids. We remove this sexual content by default to prevent the spread of non-consensual or underage sexual content. To be clear, these guidelines also apply to hand or digitally made content, unless posted for satirical, educational, or humorous purposes.

🍑Tip: A good rule of thumb regarding pictures or videos where you are unsure if it breaks the rules, ask yourself: “Would it be ok to wear this in public?”

Adult Nudity

We recognize that nudity is something that is more nuanced, and is something that requires an equally nuanced policy. Nudity can be shared for reasons other than purely sexual ones, such as, medical or educational purposes, to raise awareness, and in certain cases a form of protest. If it is clear that this is the purpose of the content in question, we can make allowances, but ask that you include a warning label to warn users of the content. Nudity found in pictures of statues, paintings, or other art is permissible.

As always, if you find content that violates these guidelines, please report the post.

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