Add Content to a Post

On Jeti, you can add photos, videos, links, and polls to your posts.

Take a new photo or video for your post

To take a new photo or video:

  1. Take a photo or video, and click "Use Photo".

  2. The photo or video will be added to your post.

Select a photo or video from your camera roll

To add an existing photo or video to your post:

    • If you wish to see more of your camera roll, swipe up on the image selector to open the expanded interface.

  1. Tap to select the image you desire and hit "done" if you are using the expanded interface.

  2. The photo or video is now added to your post

Embed a link in your post

To embed a web link in your post, simply paste the desired link anywhere in your text when making a post. If the embed works, you will see a preview pop up under your post's text.

Add a poll to your post

To add a poll to your post:

  1. Select who you want to be able to vote on the poll; everyone or on people nearby.

  2. Determine the length of the poll. The default is 24 hours.

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