Authentic Platform Use


One of the key foundations of Jeti is authentic local conversation, and part of that is the authenticity of the users themselves. As Jeti provides the option to post without an account or post anonymously with an account, we expect that those with an account will represent themselves in an authentic manner on the app and users are encouraged to use the name they use in real life.

Inauthentic Behavior

As we maintain our commitment to authenticity, we prohibit certain behavior on the platform. Making fake accounts, artificially inflating or boosting the popularity of your content or account, or engaging in other behaviors that are intended to enable violations of the Community Guidelines are all prohibited.


In an effort to limit content that creates a negative user experience and detracts from people's ability to have genuine interactions or forge meaningful connections. Additionally, we wish to prevent people from abusing our platform for commercial gain or to artificially increase the popularity of themselves or their content.

We define spamming as posting the same content, hashtag, or posts about the same topic in the feed or as comments in a short period of time. Additionally, daily posts whose intention is to annoy, posting the same thing to multiple locations, and repeatedly posting with the goal of increasing your score is considered spam and will be removed.


While we do allow users to “launch” their posts to the top of the feed, we don't allow users to make their posts advertisements or commercial posts. This includes farming followers for other social media accounts you might have, including other Jeti accounts.


Jeti prohibits any form of activity on the platform with the intent to provoke a heated response, sow discord, start fights, or trigger or upset other uses for one's own enjoyment. Additionally, provoking others, crashing conversations, and attempting to disrupt or derail genuine conversation will not be tolerated.

Abuse of the App Functions

Using features of the app to annoy or provoke other users is also considered trolling. This includes false reporting, mass downvoting or upvoting, and gaming app mechanics. The use of multiple accounts by a user or group for coordinated efforts or faking your current location is prohibited.

If you discover a feature of the app that can or is being used in this way, please report the exploit to us in a support ticket. This kind of behavior is not tolerated and will result in the permanent removal of the offending user’s account.

Fake News

Jeti recognizes its responsibility as a platform to combat the spread of fake news. We acknowledge that this is a contentious and sensitive issue and is one that is constantly evolving. Our goal is to prevent the spread of false information without harming or impeding public discourse. However, we cannot be confident enough in our ability to effectively determine what is or isn’t fake news, therefore we currently leave it up to the users to downvote and report fake news.

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