Violence & Illegal Behavior


Jeti does not permit any posts condoning, displaying, encouraging, coordinating, planning, promoting, or participating in violence, illegal activities, or threatening behavior.

We here at Jeti understand that when joking, disagreeing, or feeling serious emotions, people will make non-serious threats or calls for violence. We work hard to take into account the cultural and linguistic context of posts to separate the non-serious posts from those that we deem a legitimate threat to the safety of the public or person. If we have determined there is a credible threat, we will deal with the post and user and work with law enforcement accordingly.

Dangerous Entities

To prevent the spread of dangerous organizations and in an attempt to prevent violence and harm, Jeti prohibits the use by or presence of individuals and organizations involved or classified as the following:

  • Drug Cartels

  • Organized Crime

  • Terrorism and Terrorist Organizations

  • Hate Groups

  • Human Trafficking

Additionally, Jeti will remove any content supporting, promoting, or recruiting for any organizations, groups, individuals, or leaders involved in the above listed activities.

Hint: If you see something, say something. If you see a post or profile you believe to be involved in the above list, please report the post or profile on Jeti before reporting it to something like the FBI Tip Desk.

Illegal or Harmful Activities

Jeti prohibits users from using the platform in the coordination, facilitation, organization, or promotion of certain criminal or harmful activities. Jeti acknowledges that, at times, people may want to debate the legality of certain criminal or harmful activities, and permits such discussion as long as it does not advocate for certain criminal or harmful activities.

OK: "I think that smoking weed is totally fine, and that fact that its illegal is crazy"

🚫Not OK: "@bobby Come pick me up, lets go rob the pawn shop"

Illegal & Regulated Goods

Jeti does not permit users, retailers, or manufacturers to partake in the purchase, advertising, or sale of illegal goods and substances, certain regulated goods, and illegally obtained goods. Regulated goods not prohibited or limited by our Community Guidelines will still be subject to local, state, and federal regulations.


We prohibit the purchase, sale, trade, or distribution by users, retailers, or manufacturers of pharmaceutical, non-medical drugs and narcotics. Although we acknowledge the legality of it in certain areas, Jeti acts in compliance with federal law, and prohibits the purchase, sale, trade, or distribution of marijuana.


Jeti prohibits the transfer, purchase, sale, exchange, or gifting of firearms, regulated firearms components, and ammunition between users on the platform. We acknowledge that the laws and regulations regarding firearms, firearms components, and ammunition can vary, and attempt to be as consistent as possible with the enforcement of our policies.


In an effort to protect our users, we remove any content that has the goal of deceiving people for monetary gain, to get an unfair advantage, or deprive another user or individual of legal rights, property, assets, or money. That being said, we allow users to educate others and raise awareness of fraudulent activities using Jeti.

As always, if you find content that violates these guidelines, please report the post.

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