Jeti is a social media platform that connects you with people who are nearby, have shared interests or topics, and friends and family members. Our mission is to provide a fun, friendly way to engage with your community, near or far.

What can I do with Jeti?

🏙️ Post anonymously to people nearby

You don't need an account to start posting. By simply downloading the app and providing your location, you can start posting to your local feed. Swipe over to the newest posts to see whats up-and-coming around you, or check out whats trending now to see whats hot.🔥

A little too far from the action? We'll show you what's trending in other areas close to you just in case.

Local Feed

#️⃣ Create communities using hashtags

Are you a #dog person or a #cat person? Every hashtag has a story, and you can find nearly any topic on Jeti. If a lot of posts contain a given hashtag, it'll appear under "Trending Hashtags" on the Explore page.


👯 Create an account and follow people you care about

When you create an account on Jeti, you can follow people you care about, and they can follow you! A new feed will come up on the Timeline screen called "Following" where you'll find all of the recent posts from people you follow.

Creating an Account

🤼 Compete for leaderboard position


The Leaderboard

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